Attendance Policies and Lesson Fees

The following are my private studio policies.  Policies for the other schools I teach at differ.

Attendance Policy

Your lesson time is reserved for you and you alone.  When you pay your lesson fees at the beginning of each month you are reserving your time slot in my schedule.  If you find that your child’s lesson time is difficult to get to on a weekly basis please talk to me about how we can find a better lesson time for your schedule.  Consistent attendance at lessons is expected or your lesson slot will be forfeit.

However, I do understand that there are other events in you and your child’s life and that sometimes you will not be able to attend the lesson. In an effort to keep lessons consistent I will provide my full teaching schedule and contact information of all students so that you may swap lessons times if the need arises. Also, I do understand that sickness and emergencies happen, and will be understanding of these circumstances. If you need to cancel your lessons for a non-emergency event I do require 24 hours advanced notice to warrant a reschedule.

In the event that I cancel a lesson for a performance or personal reason, I will first attempt to find a makeup time.  If an alternate time cannot be found I will credit the missed lesson towards the next month’s fees.

Lesson Fees

Lesson fees are due at the beginning of each month and will be invoiced through Quickbooks before the start of the next month.  You may choose to pay by Quickbooks bank transfer, personal check, or cash.  If the lesson fees are not received by the 10th of the month you will be subject to a 5% late fee.

My hourly rate is $64 an hour.  Below are lesson fees for a standard month with four lessons:

30 minute lesson – $128 

45 minute lesson – $192 

1 Hour lesson – $256 

Months with holidays or 5 lessons instead of 4 will be prorated or billed accordingly.

July and August

As I understand families will be on vacation, and children will be attending camps, lesson schedules are of course more flexible during the summer.  You have the option to pay for the weeks that you will be at home.  Please note that scheduling preference will be given to those students who continue during the summer.