Our family will be eternally grateful for learning of Emily Deguzis as a Suzuki violin instructor. She has been educating three of my four children over the past 5 years both in individual lessons and group classes. We began with our little four-year-old-box violin and learning the basic rhythms. Honestly, my husband and I had no clue about music, except as a teacher, my colleague had recommended the methodology and to look for someone who had the Suzuki training. Emily explained everything not only to my daughter, but to my partner and I, so that we all learned together. Now, fast forward over the years, and my eldest daughter has now progressed through several of the Suzuki books, another daughter is closing in on her first book’s graduation, and my littlest violinist is learning how to properly hold the violin. Miss Emily’s instruction is tailored to the individual child, finding their motivation, and building upon their strengths. She also hosts 3 performances a year, two recitals with polished pieces, and a fall play-in that is fun in nature and allows all of the violinists to come together which builds community among the families and children. She is a dynamic human who will bring your violinist to the next level, with patience, expertise, and a deep understanding of what is developmentally appropriate for each child’s age and stage of learning. I will close by speaking of observing the incredible growth that her older students have achieved. By happenstance of scheduling, I have been able to see how tremendously talented her more advanced students are, and this gives me peace of mind as a parent that Miss Emily will be a teacher we can remain with for years to come, as well as knowing that she will not only help my child learn how to hold a violin at the tender age of three, but further on down the road, she will be able to prepare my children should they decide to pursue a path in music. (Miss Emily, we love you!!!)

~Andrew and Helen

I highly recommend Emily for the aspiring violinist and violist. As the parent of a very energetic 8-year old, Emily’s natural style and limitless patience provides my son with exactly the experience I was hoping to find. She makes learning fun and quickly tailors her teaching style based the current mood of the student. She has a ready queue of teaching tricks to help the student to understand each song, and quickly learn their way through the difficult patches. Being a musician myself, and the sibling of a Suzuki Teacher I can say that Emily is the real deal.


Emily has been my two daughters’ private violin teacher. She is a fantastic teacher – teaching kids with passion, patience and well-trained methodology. Both of my daughters have been making steady progress with Emily. Even more important, they have been having fun, are motivated to practice, and are learning to be critical on their own playing. With Emily’s help, my older one was selected to play in Hartt orchestra after an audition process last year, and got into Suzuki Youth Orchestra of Americas 1 (SYOA 1) this year after a national selection process. My younger one is at the end of Suzuki book 3, and has been drilling her techniques to get ready to move on to Book 4 and beyond. We thank Emily not only because she is a wonderful violin teacher, but also because she passes on important messages to my daughters through violin teaching that will benefit them lifelong.


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